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                                       THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF-AWARENESS
                                  FOR A SUCCESSFUL INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP


Expert on the interplay between Self-Awareness and Intimate Relationships

Taking the time to read my book “The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship” can enable you to learn how to develop a successful intimacy:


If you are single or in a relationship wishing to learn more about how to develop a successful intimate relationship, the following 150 articles - divided by categories - can help you do just that.

In addition to my book and my 150 articles, you can also benefit by reading the following most-recent articles I have written about developing a successful intimate relationship: 

Successful Relationships: Tips and Advice: http://dorongil.blogspot.nl/


The Importance of Self-Awareness

* Learning about Yourself is the Best Way to Succeed in Relationships http://bit.ly/iXUt2B
* If You Know Yourself So Well, Why Do Your Relationships Fail?
* Are You in Control of Your Life and Your Relationships?  http://bit.ly/iTmoBq
* Self-Awareness Is the Key to Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships

Overcoming Misconceptions about Self-Awareness

* Six Misconceptions about Self-Awareness and Why it is Important to Reverse them  http://bit.ly/krtK6Y
* Do Men and Women Hurt their Relationships in Different Ways?   http://goo.gl/E58oo    

How to Develop Self- Awareness

* Relationship Awareness 3: The 7 Steps You Need to Take to Develop Self-Awareness 

* Learning to Observe Yourself: the Key to Developing Self-Awareness & Stop Failing in Relationships   http://bit.ly/obidEn
* Questions You Ask Yourself Help You Develop Self-Awareness & Succeed with Your Relationships   http://bit.ly/nspCXM
* Developing Self-Awareness to Succeed with Relationships: An Example of the Process http://bit.ly/n2vtaI
* Exercises Help You Observe Yourself, Develop Self-Awareness and Succeed with Relationships   http://bit.ly/o73sB2

How to Use Self-Awareness
* Relationship Awareness 3: The 7 Steps You Need to Take to Develop Self-Awareness 
* Using Self-Awareness to Make the Changes You Need to Cultivate a Successful
Relationship: 5 Tips http://bit.ly/mKBYwi

Self-Awareness: Before & After

* “Self-Awareness Can Really Make a Difference in Your Relationships: Two Examples” http://bit.ly/o1XhC5 
* “Self-Awareness Shows You the Ways in which You Harm Your Relationships: Two Examples & Explanation    http://bit.ly/qxwUa1    
* “Turning Failed Relationships into Successful Ones: Two Examples of the Power of Self-Awareness”   http://bit.ly/n50wro
* “How Can Self-Awareness Enable You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship: Two Examples”   http://bit.ly/oCnO2Q   

Singles & Dating

* The Importance of Self-Awareness to Cultivating a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/ijLzYx
* Justifications Singles Use to Explain Why They Fail to Cultivate a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/mqtvnO   
* How to Extend a Date into a Meaningful Relationship  http://bit.ly/l9zoEB
* The “Dating – Enthusiasm – Escape” Pattern Never Leads to a Meaningful
Relationship http://bit.ly/jQFsOp
* Don’t Add More Dating-Failures to Your CV!  http://bit.ly/lPeaUW
* Self-Awareness Enables You to Understand How You Harm Your Relationships  http://bit.ly/hd5Jyn 
* Meeting “The Right Person” Is Not a Matter of Luck or Time  http://bit.ly/jpiBQY  
* If Blind Dating Is NOT a Game, Why Do Some Singles Treat is As Such?
* Are you “Open for Dates” 24/7? Take Time off – and increase your chances
of success! http://bit.ly/l0oEsv
* Don't Be Blind to Yourself While Going on Blind-Dates  http://bit.ly/kg26pM
* A “Perfect” Way to Sabotage Your Relationship: One Foot IN the Relationship,
the Other Already OUT  http://bit.ly/lxZzYD
* Don’t Approach Dating & Relationships as CNN’s Speedy Reporting or
McDonald’s Drive-Through-Lunch  http://bit.ly/kot1v5
* The Courage to Be True to Yourself Enables You to Have a Healthy & Satisfying
Relationship http://bit.ly/lQWwhf
* Self-manipulations You Use without Being Aware of Doing So Sabotages Your
Relationships http://bit.ly/mrZYMD
* Hope Alone is not Sufficient When Desiring a Relationship  http://bit.ly/ki3Nqd
* “Dating Yourself” Will Enable You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship
in a Shorter time http://bit.ly/l9FgS8
* How Can “Stay-Over Relationships” Help You Find a Partner & Develop a Successful Relationship?   http://goo.gl/WazcO
* Guidelines for Success with Dating and Relationships   http://goo.gl/oHkhm
* Single & Dating? Be Wary of People Who Are Recently Separated or “In the Process”   http://goo.gl/ZBiyy
* Why Are You Still Single In Spite of Wishing to Have a Partner?  http://goo.gl/Jdyf8
* Couples Are Usually Happier than Singles. If You Want a Relationship, Why Are You Still Alone?      http://goo.gl/u24ij
Being Aware of What Makes You Sabotage Your Relationships

* Why Do People Fail in Their Relationships and What Can They Do About it?  http://bit.ly/hrFQzq
* Do You Shoot Yourself in the Foot When in a Relationship?   http://bit.ly/l6KjTe
* Be Aware of Messages that Control You and Harm Your Relationships  http://bit.ly/m0U2l4
* Messages You Internalized about Partners and Intimacy Might Sabotage Your Relationships http://bit.ly/jzezq7
* Messages You Are Unaware of Might Sabotage Your Relationships http://bit.ly/mlFtcz
* Be Aware: Beliefs and Opinions You Hang On To Might Harm Your Relationships http://bit.ly/jZdNa5
* Behaving Like Your Parents or the Exact Opposite of Them Might Harm Your
Relationships http://bit.ly/jqi34m
* Are You a Loving Person, Or Is It a Mask You Wear – Not Only On Halloween?  http://bit.ly/jz5u1h
* Denying Your Vulnerability Might Harm Your Relationships http://bit.ly/jAtVw5
* Traits You Are Unaware of Might Harm Your Relationships http://bit.ly/m6WlGy
* You Think You’re Not a Controlling Person? That You’re Just Trying to Help Your Partner…? http://bit.ly/k2XlCU 
* Not Expressing Anger Might Sabotage Your Relationships http://bit.ly/k8jvHd
* Don’t Let Past Relationships Haunt Your New Ones http://bit.ly/lWh0Wa
* Getting Into a New Relationship without Resolving Issues from the Past is
a Receipt for Failure http://bit.ly/klDYjP
* The 10 Best Tips on How to Keep Sabotaging Your Relationships
Over and Over Again http://bit.ly/kNGu42
* Everything You Need to Know about the Ways in which You Sabotage Your Relationships   http://bit.ly/qFM6Mr  
* Stubbornness, Inflexibility and Sticking to Your Perception of Reality Harms Your Relationship!    http://goo.gl/9HE7c
* Your Belief-System Might Hurt You & Your Relationships: Finding the Right Balance is Crucial     http://goo.gl/M5wy4  
* The Many Ways in Which You Might Be Sabotaging Your Relationships

Relationship Advice

* Meeting Your Soul-Mate is a Wonderful Dream  http://bit.ly/iGcf7v
* Your “Self-Awareness Score” is the Key to Developing a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/kTPrcq         
* When You “Fall in Love”, is it out of Personal Strength or due to
Neediness and Desperation? http://bit.ly/eUgW0c
* Solve Unfinished Businesses Before You Begin a New Relationship.
Otherwise You Are Doomed to Fail! http://bit.ly/lzjR7p   
* Accept Your Shadow, Attain Personal Growth and Develop a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/imMcTl
* Intimate and Loving Relationships - - Guidelines for Success http://bit.ly/krClfO
* How to Achieve a Successful Intimate Relationship and Happiness: Advice for
Singles and Couples http://bit.ly/lH8VMM
* When Your Partner Knows You Better than You Do and You Refuse to Admit it  http://bit.ly/k6xjH7
* How to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship: The Best Tip No One Has
Ever Told you http://bit.ly/jjR1dX      
* Tip to Succeed in Relationships: Cultivate them with Tender Loving Care http://bit.ly/rovGqi
* Being Authentic is a MUST if You Want to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship      http://goo.gl/Q81w1    
* Should You “Work” on Your Relationship in Order to Maintain & Improve it? - 4 Tips    http://goo.gl/zt3zS

Combating Fears & The Courage to Change

* When You Know You MUST Make a Change in Order to Have a Satisfying Relationship, but Are Afraid to    http://goo.gl/qMWlx
* Don’t let the “Fear of Letting Go” Withhold You from Changing an Unsatisfying Relationship   http://goo.gl/sP8lf
* Are You a Slave of Your Own Fears, Needs and Behavior?    http://goo.gl/Yn6mG
* The Fear of Being Alone Might Accentuate Your Fear of Change: How Can You Defeat Both Fears?     http://goo.gl/wmssq

* Fears That Stand in Your Way from Changing an Unsatisfying Relationship or Looking for a Partner   http://goo.gl/BcHRX
* Rationalizations and Explanations you Use to Justify NOT Changing an Unsatisfying Relationship    http://goo.gl/BAFMW
* How Can You Overcome the Fear of Change and Become Able to Develop a Satisfying Relationship  http://goo.gl/DdAAW
* When Your Anxiety Drives You to Sabotage Your Relationships: Learn How to De-activate its Power   http://goo.gl/Mcv77         
Being True to Yourself

* You Can Predict Your Success with Intimate Relationships Based on Your Past Experiences    http://goo.gl/oYeq4
* The Illusion of Control Prevents You from Making Changes Vital for Your Success with Relationships   http://goo.gl/nH0ZQ   
 * Can You Predict Success or Failure with Relationships Based on Your Past Experiences?     http://goo.gl/XUnin
* Who to Trust For Advice   http://goo.gl/Cz3Ew
* “The Artist” Won the Oscar. Follow His Steps and Win a Successful Relationship: Learn How   http://goo.gl/PcWY9 

Couple’s Intimacy

 *“Keeping a Relationship When You and Your Partner Have Different Views of How Things Should Be”     http://bit.ly/vaKVlz
 *“Couple’s Intimacy: Coming Towards Each Other: The Role of Self-Awareness”
* Don’t Let Your Perception of Reality Harm Your Relationship: Become Aware and Save Your Intimacy http://bit.ly/uLbKGb
* The Importance of Couple’s Awareness to Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship: 5 Guidelines   http://bit.ly/t5cGhS
* 10 Ways to Maintaining a Good Relationship Over Time: Tips for Couples  http://bit.ly/s7vg4X    
* A Successful Intimate Relationship Depends on Being Aware    http://goo.gl/0nxCL

Fears & Needs that Harm Your Relationship
* Self-Awareness Alerts You to Fears and Needs Which Sabotage Your
Relationships http://bit.ly/ex4wvp
* Being Unaware of Your Fears Sabotages Your Relationships http://bit.ly/jrp6YL
* Don’t Let The Fear of Being Alone Control You: Tips on How to Combat
the Fear – and Win! http://bit.ly/lxIMbe
* Is it Love or Neediness? Only When You Know the Difference You Can Have
a Loving Relationship http://bit.ly/jvWFvZ
* Loving Your Partner is Great; “Loving Too Much” Might Harm the Relationship http://bit.ly/iCZhyu
* Traffic-Light Relationships: The Go-Stop Pattern http://bit.ly/juBaDb
* Escaping Into a Relationship Rather Than Choosing One Makes a Difference between Failure & Success   http://bit.ly/isrsS9
* To Be or Not To Be Stuck: Choices People Make and the Price they Pay If They
Are Not Aware http://bit.ly/f2q6Aj   

Personal Growth & Development

* Self-Improvement: What Does it Mean and How to Get There? http://bit.ly/ihBOxv
* Being True to Yourself is Vital to Acknowledging Reality and to Personal Growth
* The Path to Self-Empowerment Passes through Self-Awareness
* Declarations You Blurt Out-Loud about Yourself, Represent
a False Picture of Who You Really Are http://bit.ly/jwj1nW
* Get In Touch with Your Shadow, Be “Who You Are” and Ensure Efficient
Professional Relationships http://bit.ly/ixqMWi
* Looking Inwards Is Scary. But Scarier is Continue Hampering Your Success
at Intimate Relationships http://bit.ly/kA41Bi  
* Even the Most Popular Dating-Tips Will NOT Help Your Relationships; Getting to Know Yourself Will!   http://goo.gl/YTuH7

The Holidays: A Perfect Time to Get to Know Yourself
* Isn’t Halloween a Good Time to Take the Masks Off? http://bit.ly/kJhYTs
* Halloween – Do the Dating-Game Your Way! http://bit.ly/mjjTcU
* Thanksgiving Is the Time to Thank Yourself for Being Ready to Learn From Each Date and Relationship http://bit.ly/mr9yyh
* This Pre-Christmas and New-Year Season, Develop Self-Awareness
and Succeed in Your Relationships http://bit.ly/jpFpto
* Running the Dating-Marathon to Find a Partner by Christmas Might
Hinder a Meaningful Relationship http://bit.ly/mLJ8DN
* How to Survive the Holidays’ Blues as Single -- and Become
Empowered to Develop a Relationship http://bit.ly/k5OtMB
* Expectations about Partners and Relationships Should Be Realistic -
Especially during the Holidays http://bit.ly/jWUfOf
* Still Single? Give Yourself the Perfect Christmas Gift http://bit.ly/iEmeFx

On Friendships and authenticity

He/She is Such a Wonderful Person. Such a Great Friend. But Is It Really So?
A Portrait of People Who Want to Belong at all Costs; Receive Love and Appreciation: Are they Happy?
Love Me, Please Love Me  

“I Have So Much Love to Give”. Why Would Anybody Declare So About Himself?

New-Year Resolutions

* 10 New-Year Resolutions to Finding and Cultivating an Intimate Relationship
* 4 Requirements and 4 Components 4 Your Success with Intimate Relationships
Next Year http://bit.ly/k8EGQ1
* Discover Your Attitude to Love, Dating and Relationships and Find a Relationship
Next Year http://bit.ly/lkIePy
* Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy: New-Year Resolutions Will Make
a Relationship Work! http://bit.ly/jgJ2CH
* A Smart New Year Resolution: Working on Developing Your Self-Awareness
* Using New Year as a Turning Point to Finding a Partner & Developing a Successful Relationship    http://goo.gl/X2iU7

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Miscellaneous Articles Related to Self-Awareness

* FACEBOOK: Expand Your Self-Awareness & Personal Growth via Facebook:
The Unknown Advantage of Social Media http://bit.ly/gj58St
* FACEBOOK: When One Defines His/Her Relationship-Status on Facebook
as“Complicated”, What Does it Mean? http://bit.ly/ioceCB
* LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT: Are You the Manager of Your Life and
Your Relationships? http://bit.ly/lck53x
* LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT: What Price Do You Pay When You are
Not Transparent? http://bit.ly/m479Zt
* THERAPY: Self-Awareness as the Corner Stone of Gestalt Therapy
* THERAPY: Gestalt Therapy and Self-Awareness: The Interplay between
“The Person” and Successful Relationships http://bit.ly/kgNchB
* AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Writing Your “Relationships-Autobiography” Enables you to Develop a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/kAA0g3
* FICTION: WikiLeaks Inspires Fictional Leitmotifs Related to Core
Human Existence http://bit.ly/lou44P
* METAPHORS: WikiLeaks as a Metaphor for the Way You Manage Your Life
* METAPHORS: Britain’s Royal Wedding as a Metaphor to One’s
Lack of Connection to One’s Own Self  http://bit.ly/g9ehPt
* THE NEAW TESTAMENT: The New Testament Speaks about Loving Others.
Loving Yourself Expands Your Ability to Love Others http://bit.ly/gwcXFl    
* WIKILEAKS: Conscious Leaks of Information Lead You to Self-Awareness
and to Better Intimate Relationships http://bit.ly/ik5csZ
* INDEPENDENCE DAY: 4th of July Independence Day, The Quest for Freedom
and Being Trapped in One’s Inner Prison http://bit.ly/miAL1q
* SEX: Sex, Self-Awareness and Intimate Relationships  http://bit.ly/ojteZ8
* SEX: What’s More Important for a Successful Intimate Relationship: Sexual Attraction or Self-Awareness?  http://bit.ly/naXGHr
* The Euro Crisis and Intimate Relationships: Some Commonalities to Be Aware Ofhttp://goo.gl/4GZBh
* Utilizing Hard Economical Times for Personal Growth & Improved Relationshipshttp://goo.gl/v2VdO
* USA Policies & Your Relationships: Similarities to Be Aware of Vital for Your Personal Growth    http://goo.gl/xa0ZQ    

Relationship Awareness Mini-Training Series

* Relationship Awareness: Introduction http://bit.ly/mHGnOL
* Relationship Awareness 1: Self-Awareness - the Key to Understanding Yourself
and Your Relationships http://bit.ly/lKEwQg
* Relationship Awareness 2: Self-Awareness – a Prerequisite for a Successful
Intimate Relationship http://bit.ly/kkVEEg
* Relationship Awareness 3: The 7 Steps You Need to Take to Develop Self-Awareness 
http://bit.ly/jFWCvS   (Also posted under How to Develop Self-Awareness)
* Relationship Awareness 4: Identifying the Needs and Fears Which Harm
Your Relationships http://bit.ly/mdbTCF
* Relationship Awareness 5: Identifying Messages that Control You and Harm
Your Relationships http://bit.ly/mplKDp
* Relationship Awareness 6: Recognizing the Masks You Wear which Exert
a Toll on Your Relationships http://bit.ly/iWM9Mi
* Relationship Awareness 7: Getting in Touch with Your Will http://bit.ly/jdH553
* Relationship Awareness 8: Learning to Be True to Yourself and to Your Partner
* Relationship Awareness 9: Realizing Your Self-Defeating Expectations
* Relationship Awareness 10: Fine-Tuning Your Fantasies to Match Reality
* Relationship Awareness: Summary http://bit.ly/lU9wtb

I hope you found my articles helpful.
Doron Gil, Ph.D.

If you engage with any kind of writing - be it short stories, poems, a journal, your dreams, articles or the like, you can realize that writing is yet another way to getting in touch with yourself, become self-aware and reflect about your relationships.

Here are some Short Stores (& Analysis) I've Written Related to Self-Awareness & Relationships:

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